*** After over 30 years in business, Sequetech is closing its lab operations permanently and the last orders to be processed must be received by Thurs. 7-20-23. Our billing office remains open and your results will continue to be available for you to access. Thank you for your patronage and support over the years. ***

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What Brian Did


  • Begin Modifying Website: got rid of the social media links at the bottom
  • fixed up the logo to make it transparent
  • got rid of some weird placeholder icons
  • made contact links on the bottom work, and I also shrank the title menu bar
  • Work on Getting the Quotation Request Contact Form to match up with the style of the new website.




  • Rewrite old primer finder.
  • Update Databse/Phpmyadmin/WP Passwords (because Logical Position Had these).
  • Obfuscate info@sequetech.com email.
  • Fix Dead Links on LP Website.
  • Update Default WordPress Theme and delete bloatware themes.
  • Remove WooCommerce Plug in that was causing fatal errors.
  • Research Licence Purchase for plug-ins that we don’t own (they came bundled with the theme).
  • Enabled Search Engine Feature in WP
  • Fix Logo for Mobile sites (transparent;black)





  • Remove bloat pages from WP
  • Make Primer Finder work on New website and match colors and fonts.
  • Fix Dead Links on “Additional Links”.
  • Also add missing icons to the Additional Links Menu items.
  • Install Lightbox for help menus.
  • Install WPCode element so Neil can post “website status” messages.
  • Write tutorial for Neil.





  • Work on Requirements page. Fix Text, Add more appropriate images.
  • Fix Broken Links on Requirements text.
  • Work on FAQ page – fix all dead links.
  • Restructure some of the menus.
  • Write to Krunal to determine which images we will be comissioning.
  • Change menus to improve flow.
  • Begin working on spinner (loader) for primer finder so people realize the tool is working.




  • Rework BDX images to remove the black background color that no longer applies to new website.
  • Fix grammatical, spelling errors on Turbo PCR Sequencing Page.  Rewrite blurb to be more understandable.
  • Fix Links on BDX page and add link to Turbo PCR Page. Add Fig1 caption & image titles.
  • Remove Oligo Sequencing Menu Item
  • Consolidated requirements tables so I only have to edit one table and changes will appear in all locations.
  • Removed images from requirements tables on requirements pages.
  • Conference w/Mike…Krunal for desired updates.
  • Investigate resizing images for slider involving logos of our customers.




  • Create “Carousel” slider for company logos.
  • Manually resize each company logo individually to fit the carousel space.
  • Uploaded PDF Order forms to website (omitted XLS).
  • Made an “Order Form” landing page so people can download Primer-Walk Forms (and renamed services). Added PDF images
  • Removed obsolete services from “services” page.




  • Meet with Neil and Krunal
  • Move Sliding company logos to main page.  Remove slider arrows. Put logos on TOP of testimonials instead of below.
  • Moved Testimonials menu item to be nested under “Resources” tab.
  • Added Log In Menu Item.
  • Removed gray for hover-over on images *noted that this has a purpose for displaying captions
  • Added CSS to un-display little green icons that are overlaid on the service page images.
  • Send sample image to Mike 2 for 100x100px samples.
  • Increased font size for all elements that utilize the “qodef-elements-holder-item-content qodef-elements-holder-custom” class by 20%.  This may look strange on some pages, so needs review.  Did this by adding Custom CSS.  Went to Dashboard > Appearance > Customize > Additional CSS > Entered custom code….
  • Removed the word “platform” and “service” from the text on the “What is included in this service” line on SPE page (this prevents text wrapping with the larger font).
  • Increased line-height by 50% for the class elements above so that the increased font doesn’t look squished.  Note that I can move these changes to a page-by-page basis… but I did it globally to save time.
  • Restored Oligo Sequencing page and copied content from original website.  Obfuscated Mike’s email address (so robots won’t scrape it up).
  • Made SPE Order form invisible (it’s not gone; just hidden from view).  Changed verbiage slightly to compensate for the missing SPE paper form.
  • Changed the order of the company logos that scroll across the screen.  This is tedious to manage; it is done by changing the name of the uploaded image.  If you want a different order, please tell me the order you want and I will re-do it.
  • Added links Oligo to the Main “Services” page (as well as to the menu bar).
  • Added pickup map (which is an iframe so displays same code as the map on datasystem).



Items will get “strikethrough” font when complete.


  • Add a spacer between the two paragraphs under “Efficient, Accurate DNA Sequencing”
  • “Click Here to Learn More About Us” -> this should re-direct to about the company (this landing page needs to be created + added to the pulldown bar under resources); currently this re-directs to our services page, which we do not want.
  • Add 5 more logos** to the company logos at the bottom -> can we make the carousel continuous in one-direction versus the current slider that goes back to the first logo.
  • Can we increase the font size to match other sections:


  • Pull Down Bar on Services should be (in this order):
  • Single Primer Extension
  • Rolling Circle Amplification
  • PCR Product Purification
  • BDX Chemistry
  • Turbo PCR
  • Primer Walking

Pull Down Bar on Resources -> Need to Add ‘About Us’, which will have the same wording as the current website.

Services Page:

  • Change Icons**
  • Increase Font Size
  • See Page 1 of Website Feedback Document (A dash needs to be added.))
    • Single Primer Extension
    • Change text from Single Primer Extension Service to Single Primer Extension (SPE)
    • Remove: DNA Sequencing Services Offered
    • Add Blurb In Red Box: If you are looking to sequence PCR products, Sequetech offers a Template Purification service. Our Template Purification services are optimized with our sequencing protocol and allows data to be delivered the next morning with a delay. 
    • Add New Workflow Diagram
    • See Page 2 of Website Feedback Document 
  • Primer Walking
    • Remove: DNA Sequencing Services Offered
    • Add New Workflow Diagram
    • Feedback on Content (Mike’s Document) *This needs to be sent. It is missing from Mike’s document. THIS WAS CROSSED OUT BY NEIL
  • Rolling Circle Amplification
    • Change text from RCA Service to Rolling Circle Amplification (RCA)
    • Remove: DNA Sequencing Services Offered
    • Add New Workflow Diagram
    • See Page 3 and 4 of Website Feedback Document
  • BDX Chemistry
      • Change text from BDX Chemistry Service to BDX Chemistry
      • Remove: DNA Sequencing Services Offered
      • See Page 5 of Website Feedback Document
      • Remove PCR >800bp and <800bp sections under the sample requirements section.**NOTE BY BRIAN: Need more clarification on this and would consider linking to Turbo PCR page instead?


    • Turbo PCR Sequencing
      • See Page 6 of Website Feedback Document


        • PCR Product Purification
        • Use the following for PCR Product Purification.  (Flip the icon to get this brief description)

Our PCR Product Purification Service converts unpurified PCR products into
high quality sequencing templates.

(Click on ³READ MORE² to get this description)

Our PCR product purifications enzymatically remove leftover primer and
dNTP¹s that would otherwise interfere with subsequent sequencing reactions.
(Requesting PCR purification will not delay your sequencing results.)

We highly recommend verifying the length and concentration of your fragments
before sending them to us.  Doing so can potentially save you time if there
is a possibility that your PCR amplifications are very weak or fail.
Running your PCR¹s on a gel would also alert you to the presence of spurious
amplification products.
        • Mike E is creating the graphic for PCR Product Purification

Requirements -> See Page 7, 8, 9, and 10 of Website Feedback Document
**NOTE BY BRIAN: DID NOT ADD “MINIMUM” on PAGE 8 to Template Requirements header because the “greater than symbol (>)” kind of “builds that in” to the statement.
**NOTE BY BRIAN: In one place, Mike said “at least 10uL of culture” and in another he said “10uL” culture.  I decided to go with the former and NOT the later in both locations.

FAQ -> See Page 11 and 12 of Website Feedback Document **NOTE BY BRIAN: I put in 5PM under the “How should I send my samples”; Mike did not specify a time…..


        • Add New landing page for ‘About Us’
        • Pickup Map:
          • Change Pulldown bar name to: Local Pick-Up Service
          • Change Title on Landing Page to Local Pick-Up Service
          • Add the following prior to the map:

Sequetech offers a free sample pick-up service to our clients located in the Bay Area. Depending on the pick-up location, we pick up as late as 5PM Monday to Saturday. If you require a pick-up after 5PM, please call us at 650-967-8685 ext. 0, to see if we can accommodate the late request.

If you are located outside the pick-up region, you may ship your samples to our lab in Mountain View. Please use an express service, such as FedEx Priority Overnight to ensure your samples arrive safely.

        • Testimonials:
          • Add 5 more logos (the same that will go on the homepage) **NOTE BY BRIAN: If we use the “repeat icon” technique below, I’m going to limit total icons to 20 total. It’s just to tedious to manage more using this technique.
          • can we make the carousel continuous in one-direction versus the current slider that goes back to the first logo. **NOTE BY BRIAN: Assume Neil gave permission to repeat icons.  This is very tedious and time consuming because I have to make each icon over again (and create a holder and insertion point, etc.)… so I’m only displaying them twice.  We have 18 icons, so that is 36 before it scrolls back.. should be enough.

Drop Box Link Will Contain:


        • 5 New Company Logos -> Homepage + Testimonials
            • Team Photo -> Goes on ‘About Us’
            • Icons for Services Page 
            • Workflow for Single Primer Extension
            • Workflow for Rolling Circle Amplification
            • Workflow for Primer Walking

Website Updates Revision #3 – October 14th, 2022


  • Possible to increase font size? ?Where? I already increased the font; any larger will result in text spillover.  I can increase font on the 3 Quick Turn Around/Accurate Sequencing / Easy Download items, but anything else will spill over.  Personally, I think it’s already huge.???

Services Pulldown on Homepage:

  • Modify Rolling Circle Amplification (RCA) to Rolling Circle Amplification [remove the (RCA)].  (This is only intended to be removed from the Pull Down.)
  • Modify BDX Chemistry Service to BDX Chemistry [remove the (service)].

Service Pages:


PCR Purification Blurb: 

If you are looking to sequence PCR products, Sequetech offers a PCR Product Purification service. Our PCR Product Purification service is optimized to dovetail with our sequencing protocol and allows data to continue to be available the next morning without a delay. ?I did this, but due to the length of the blurb, it does cause some spillover and page reformatting…. 

*Add hyperlink to PCR Purification page* ??This already exists in the “read more” button???

PCR Production Purification

  • Change picture? The current shows colonies/plasmids; most likely not appropriate for PCR purification  Let’s swap the picture on the SPE page with the one on the PCR Product Purification page. ??I Think you need to refresh your page? I already assigned the icon that mike drew in on the Revision 2.0 ^ 2 ???
  • Check the paragraph formatting in the second paragraph. There’s a carousel return between “fragments” and “before”. ??This is not true.  Please send me a screen shot.??

Rolling Circle Amplification:

BDX Chemistry:

Turbo PCR Sequencing: Picture is the same as icon; okay for now buy maybe change for future? ?? This icon was requested in Mike’s PDF file. I’m leaving for now ???

Primer Walking – No Changes 


No Changes


Local Pick-Up Service – can we increase the font size on this page?

About Us: can we change the ‘shape’ of the team photo?  Can it be enlarged? ??Maybe. What shape do you want???????

All other sections fine for now – revisit for a larger update down the road.


Discussed a multitude of small changes on the phone with Neil, which I did while we were talking.


  1. Enhanced Lighting of “About Us” image.
  2. Increased Size of About Us Image. **Image scales depending on browser size, so actually looks biggest on phone.
  3. Painted in the peeling red on the Sequetech logo in About US image.
  4. Added a new image to the “Turbo PCR” page that I gleaned from web.
  5. Increased font size for the footer by 20%.  Any more, and I get text spillover on my phone.



  1. Changes to requirements for SPEs
  2. Changes to requirements for BDX on requirements page AND BDX page.
  3. Turn off System-Wide Message.
  4. Remove “What Brian Did” menu.
  5. Publish page
  6. Re-insert Ad Code
  7. Program site for 301 redirects.  Noted that Google had already indexed our site with the links, so made any pages I could find on Google re-direct to our main site.