*** After over 30 years in business, Sequetech is closing its lab operations permanently and the last orders to be processed must be received by Thurs. 7-20-23. Our billing office remains open and your results will continue to be available for you to access. Thank you for your patronage and support over the years. ***

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Single Primer Extension Service

Single Primer Extension Service

Our Single Primer Extension Service is offered for Plasmids, PCR Products, Single-Strand templates like M13 clones, and larger constructs such as BAC clones. The results from our Single Primer Extension Service are generally available within 18 hours of submission.


If you are looking to sequence PCR products, Sequetech offers a PCR Product Purification service. Our PCR Product Purification service is optimized to dovetail with our sequencing protocol and allows data to continue to be available the next morning without a delay.

There are multiple ways to submit samples:

Here is what is included in this service:

  • Analysis of sequencing reactions on ABI 3730xl DNA Analyzer
  • BigDye Terminator or BigDye Primer methodologies
  • Obtaining around 800-1000 bases of useful sequence data
  • Complimentary use of common vector primers
  • Complimentary 3-month template and primer storage
  • Free re-runs, including troubleshooting and sequence optimization
Template Requirements
Template Type Amount Concentration Notes
Plasmids 200ng/Primer Extension >50ng/ul Submitting extra will allow for re-runs, optimization and troubleshooting. Primers and templates are stored for at least 3 months. We strongly recommend confirming PCR products by gel analysis.
PCR (>800bp) 50ng/Primer Extension >10ng/ul
PCR(<800bp) 10ng/Primer Extension >2ng/ul
Primer Requirements
Amount Minimum
4 pmole/primer extension 2 uM Submitting extra will allow for optimization and troubleshooting. Primers and templates are stored for at least 3 months.

Click here to place an order or contact us if you have any questions about the service or to obtain pricing for your account!

Our Singler Primer Extension can also be performed on intact (non-prepped) cells. Please visit our Rolling Circle Amplification page for more details.

Have any questions about the service or would like pricing? Please email us at info@sequetech.com or call 650-967-8685.