*** After over 30 years in business, Sequetech is closing its lab operations permanently and the last orders to be processed must be received by Thurs. 7-20-23. Our billing office remains open and your results will continue to be available for you to access. Thank you for your patronage and support over the years. ***

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Primer Walking

Primer Walking

Do you need to obtain sequence information from regions of your templates that are longer than can be obtained from single sequencing reactions?

Our Primer Walking Service is a turnkey solution that provides sequences from regions of unrestricted length whether there is an expected sequence or not. Suitable templates include: Plasmids, PC Products and larger constructs such as BAC clones.

This package of services may include the following as required: Performing individual sequencing reactions, primer design/synthesis, template amplification (both PCR and RCA), multiple sequence alignment and editing.

Perhaps the most valuable aspect of our Extended Region Sequencing Service is that we assume the full responsibility for achieving continuous, overlapping single or double strand coverage of the regions of interest. This includes troubleshooting, BDX sequencing and repeat sequencing as necessary.

Your region of interest can receive either single or double-strand coverage. Our single strand sequences typically exceed 99.9% accuracy. However, double-strand coverage is widely acknowledged as the gold standard with the correctness being guaranteed by complete complementarity between the two independently determined strands.

Availability of expected sequence information, customer-provided primer, ability to utilize vector primers and similarity of multiple templates all effect project cost and turnaround. Completely unknown sequences can be “primer walked” at the rate of at least 500 bases per day. By contrast, having an expected sequence allows regions of unlimited length to be determined in as little as 3 days.

Template Requirements
Template Type Service
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Amount Concentration
Plasmids Single-Strand Coverage 3 ug per Kb >0.10ug/ul
Double-Strand Coverage 6 ug per Kb
PCR Product Single-Strand Coverage 0.3 ug per Kb >10ng/ul
Double-Strand Coverage 0.6 ug per Kb

Sequencing projects are fully customizable and catered to your project. Not sure what option you would need or would like to discuss your project with our highly experienced project managers? Please email us at info@sequetech.com or call 650-967-8685.