*** After over 30 years in business, Sequetech is closing its lab operations permanently and the last orders to be processed must be received by Thurs. 7-20-23. Our billing office remains open and your results will continue to be available for you to access. Thank you for your patronage and support over the years. ***

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DNA Sequencing Services Offered


DNA Sequencing Services Offered

Single Primer Extension (SPE)

Our Single Primer Extension Service is offered for Plasmids, PCR Products, Single-Strand templates like M13 clones, and larger constructs such as Lambda and BAC clones.

RCA Service

This service is the fastest way for you to obtain sequence information from a plasmid clone, while saving the time, effort and expense of performing plasmid preps.

PCR Product Purification

Our PCR Product Purification Service converts unpurified PCR products into
 high quality sequencing templates.

BDX Chemistry Service

Sequetech has developed a sequencing chemistry (BDX chemistry) which is effective on a wide range of problematic templates.

Turbo PCR Sequencing

Turbo PCR sequencing is a methodology developed here at Sequetech specifically for hard-to-sequence PCR products.

Primer Walking

Our Primer Walking Service is a turnkey solution that provides sequences from regions of unrestricted length whether there is an expected sequence or not.