Single Primer Extension Service

Sequetech DNA Sequencing Our Single Primer Extension Service is offered for Plasmids, PCR Products, Single-Strand templates like M13 clones, and larger constructs such as Lambda and BAC clones.  A single sequencing reaction is performed and the resulting data is provided to the customer, typically within 24 hours.

Here is what is included in this service:

Analysis of sequencing reactions on ABI 3730xl DNA Analyzer platform.  
BigDye Terminator or BigDye Primer methodologies.  
Typically 800-1000 bases of useful sequence data.  
Manual inspection and editing of the electropherograms by an experienced analyst available.
Full support for templates which prove to be difficult to sequence.  
Use of any of our In House Primers is included in this service.
Quantifying template concentration
Order Online (recommended)   Paper Order Forms: (Excel)  (PDF) 

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Templates must be purified prior to submission.  Exception: If you are also requesting our RCA Service, you needn't purify your templates.

Click Here for a detailed table of volume and concentration requirements.

The quality of sequencing results is highly dependent on the quality of the DNA.  Good results have been obtained from both cesium chloride purified and Qiagen column purified templates.  

Samples are typically processed on the same day, if received by 10:30 AM.  Results are then available the following day.  (24-hour turnaround; often less for local clients)

We recommend using FedEx Priority to ensure the timely and safe arrival of your valuable samples.