Required Template Amounts and Concentrations
Service Amount of Template Required Minimum Concentration
* per kilobasepair to be sequenced, or per kilobase to be sequenced
** permits re-runs
Single Primer Extensions (Plasmid) 0.5 µg / extension (minimum) 1.5 µg /extension (preferred)** 0.10 µg/µl
Single-Strand Contig (Plasmid) 3 µg / kilobase* 0.10 µg/µl
Publication Quality (Plasmid) 6 µg / kilobasepair* 0.10 µg/µl
Single Primer Extension (PCR Product) 50 ng / extension (minimum) 150 ng /extension (preferred)** 10 ng/µl
Single-Strand Contig (PCR Product) 0.3 µg / kilobase* 10 ng/µl
Publication Quality (PCR Product) 0.6 µg / kilobasepair* 10 ng/µl
RCA (Liquid Cultures) 100 µl grown culture in LB (more info) n/a
RCA (Picked Colonies) Picked colony into 10 µl of growth medium (more info) n/a