Next Generation Sequencing

Ion Torrent Semiconductor Sequencing - Sequetech DNA Sequencing Sequetech is pleased to offer Next Generation sequencing technology.  We use state of the art semiconductor sequencing technology to produce up to 3 million 300 base pair reads with one day turnaround!  We have selected the Ion Torrent PGM for our Next Generation sequencing platform because of its excellent balance of throughput and turnaround time.  Because we can produce results so quickly and accurately, Sequetech is the ideal choice for sequencing small genomes, sets of genes, and amplicon sequencing.

For additional information or to receive a quotation, please contact:
Dr.  A.  Michael Chin
(800) 697-8685, ext.  108

Depending on your application, choosing Sequetech may be the ideal choice for your Next Generation sequencing needs.  Not all Next Generation applications are ideally suited to the Ion Torrent PGM.  Here is a short list of applications where Sequetech is able to provide superior service compared to other platforms:

* Extremely rapid turn around of prepped libraries. If you have prepped fragment or amplicon libraries, Sequetech can provide you with up to 3 million 300 base pair reads by the next business day!

* Per base, Sequetech's Next Generation sequencing is price competitive to other platforms such as Illumina - with one tenth the turn around time.

* Sequetech is experienced at preparing libraries from purified or raw genomic DNA or BAC Clones. We can make amplicon or fragment libraries.

There are a number of other applications for the Ion Torrent PGM, so feel free to contact us even if your intended application is not listed.  We are happy to take the time to work with you and help you design the optimal strategy to complete your project.