Frequently Asked Questions

1.  How far do sequences typically go out?
2.  What is Sequetech's re-sequencing policy?
3.  Can Sequetech sequence difficult templates, e.g. G/C rich samples?
4.  Does Sequetech keep my samples? If yes, for how long?
5.  Can I get samples and/or primers back?
6.  Can I put the template and primer in the same tube?
7.  Can I send my samples in 96-well plates?
8.  Can I provide a purchase order (PO) number after I have sent out my samples?
9.  Does Sequetech synthesize primers?
10. Which vector primers do Sequetech provide?
11. How will I receive my results?
12. How much primer do I need to send?
13. How much template do I need to send?
14. How should I send my samples?
15. What is Sequetech's turnaround time for processing sequencing requests?
16. What are your hours?
17. Can you receive packages on Saturdays?