BDX Chemistry

Sequetech DNA Sequencing Sequetech has developed a sequencing chemistry (BDX chemistry) which is effective on a wide range of problematical templates.  Such templates may arise during the course of genomic sequence finishing and gap closure, shRNA and siRNA cloning in RNAi vectors, Ribosomal RNA gene sequencing, long terminal repeat sequencing (LTR), analysis of repetitive sequences, etc.

Hard stops, where the signal exhibits a large and abrupt drop in intensity (Fig.  1), are caused by secondary structures such as hairpins, stem/loops or triple helices.  These structures result from certain sequence motifs including inverted repeats, palindromes, etc.  Also, high GC content templates frequently exhibit hard stops or a noisy, weak sequencing signal.  (Fig.  2)

Our proprietary BDX chemistry is effective at getting through both hard stops and high GC content sequences.

For additional information on this proprietary service, please contact:
Dr.  A.  Michael Chin
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