"Sequetech has been of major benefit to us here at the Gene Forge at Aptagen in large part because of your rock solid reliability.  Sequence data returns to us within two days of our sending a sample almost without fail which was not our experience with other sequencing companies.  In our business the genes the we ship to customers must be 100% accurate and we use Sequetech as our exclusive sequencing company to prove the accuracy of our products.We have also found that Sequetech is very accommodating, easy to talk to, and ready and willing to help us with any special requests we might have for a particular project."
- Jason Cooper; Research Associate; Aptagen Inc.

"I have been using Sequetech over the past two years. They have sequenced several dozens of our samples. I feel that they are very professional, very fast (will deliver the result next day), and very reliable, their service is definitely top notch, and I am very satisfied with their work."
- Weimin Mao; Research Associate III; Essential Therapeutics, Inc.

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