"I work in a biotech company in New York, but I love to send my sequencing samples to the West Coast to Sequetech. You know why? They are the BEST!."
- Christine Tan; Mojave Therapeutics

"Our R & D is dependent upon successful sequencing of GC-rich DNA aptamers.  We tried three different sequencing vendors and our own in-house manual sequencing initiative, but still had a very low success rate for sequencing aptamers until we tried Sequetech.  Dr. Chin and his staff at Sequetech were very responsive.  They listened carefully to our problems, designed a very logical approach, and quickly executed a marvelous solution which has boosted our sequencing success rate tremendously! Sequetech is a lifesaver! I will never go anywhere else for our DNA sequencing needs! And the best part is, Sequetech's price was no more than the companies who failed to help us, despite the extra work I know they put in for us.  They really go the extra mile for their clients!"
- J. Bruno, Ph.D.; Senior Scientist

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